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These Terms serve as a contract between You and Us and governs your use of PingMyLinks Services and Our Website. You agree to transact with Us electronically and to receive all terms and notices from Us by electronic means, either by email or by posting such notices online. You agree that these Terms may not be denied enforceable because they are in electronic form.

Registration and Accessing PingMyLinks:

You must register with Us to use the FREE or Full Access Service. You must use the PingMyLinks Website to get get access to the services located at PingMyLinks.com. You must complete the registration process and provide Us with information about You that is complete, accurate, and up to date. By registering, You agree to the Terms herein and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We will notify You of any significant feature changes or enhancements.


Payment Due at Time of Order; Non-Refundable. You agree to pay all amounts due for Services at the time you order them. All amounts are non-refundable unless otherwise noted in the agreement.

License for Usage Data and Cookies, Pixel Tags, Web Beacons and/or Other Similar Technologies:

You agree that PingMyLinks has the right to collect and use data, including without limitation, data regarding the browsing and sharing of content on a pseudonymised personal data basis (“Usage Data”). You agree that We may deploy a cookie, pixel tag, web beacons and/or other similar tracking technologies in order for Us to collect information on categories of Content (“Cookies”).

European Users:

For European users: PingMyLinks will collect consented personal data (ie personal data such as cookies, IP addresses, device IDs etc. collected and processed by its publisher partners under consent) from its publishers and will process that data to its downstream partners based on consent.

Additional Terms:

The use of these services can increase the number of links to your domain, which in turn can lead to more traffic, rank and increased number of backlinks to your site. We regularly update these services, which means that new services and sources are added regularly. For optimal use, add your website after each update. We recommend double-checking your meta tags before using services such as website submission, because search engines and other sources tend to update your information relatively quickly after you've added your domain and webpage.

The time it takes for your domain and or website to be indexed may vary. (Factors such as domain age, newly registered domain, domain extension, etc.) The services we provide can be used in a large number of ways. Therefore, we do not set limits or how our services can or may be used. We also disclaim all responsibility if the service / services are used incorrectly.

We never ask for any login details for your domain or webpage. Nor do we make any changes to your website. Therefore, it is extra important that your website information is up to date and updated with accurate information, meta tags and description before using PingMyLinks.

We disclaim all responsibility regarding results from the following services and results from the use of the following services. Submitting your domain with PingMyLinks Free Service, Submitting your domains with Full Access and any other service provided by PingMyLinks. Results from Search Engines following the use of PingMyLinks. Incorrect indexed text or meta tags by search engines due to incorrect information on customer's website. Time it takes for search engines to index new domain. Result and rank in search engine after you have used pingmylinks.

The customer fully agrees to our terms of service before using PingMyLinks. We can not guarantee any results, as much depends on search engines own algorithm, customers website, domain age, domain extension etc.

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