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How Does PingMyLinks Work?

PingMyLinks Website Submission is a Search Engine Optimization service that will automatically submit your website, blog and business to a large number of FREE online services, tools and directories. This is a great way to add and update your website to the most popular whois records, databases, web tools and business directories online today. All directories are search engine friendly and checked for quality assurance. This Service is FREE.

Speed up the indexing of your webpage, increase the number of links to your domain, which in turn can lead to more traffic, rank and increased number of backlinks to your site.

We regularly update these services, which means that new services and sources are added regularly. For optimal use, add your website after each update. We recommend double-checking your meta tags before using PingMyLinks, because search engines and other sources tend to update your information relatively quickly after you've added your domain and webpage.

How long does it take?

Submitting your website takes approxiamately 20-30 min depending on your internet speed, the amount of users and the number of directories etc.

The time it takes for your domain and or website to be indexed may vary. (Factors such as domain age, newly registered domain, domain extension, etc.)

What about my Meta Tags?

We never ask for any login details for your domain or webpage. Nor do we make any changes to your website. Therefore, it is extra important that your website information is up to date and updated with accurate information, meta tags and description before using PingMyLinks.


Scheduled Updates?

All updates are scheduled according to the dates specified for each product. We add new services and remove old ones that do not work or meet the requirements. New services and directories can be added daily. Therefore, we recommend logging in on a regular basis so that your website is updated to the latest services. The daily updates are in addition to the scheduled updates.


What is Full Access?

Full Access is a paid Search Engine Optimization Service / Domain Indexing Service with more directories, databases and updates than the "FREE Access" version. You can upgrade from FREE Access to Full Access with a click of a button. You can cancel your Full Access service at any time. You pay automatically every month. Instructions on how to upgrade / cancel the service can be found under "Members Home" and takes only a few seconds.


What is FREE Access?

FREE Access is a free Search Engine Optimization Service / Domain Indexing Service with less directories, databases and updates than the "Full Access" version. You can upgrade your FREE Access to Full Access service at any time. The free version is the same as we use on PingMyLinks.com. The difference is that this version is updated sooner and you have access to NEW directories and services before anyone else.




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